Unique & Upcycled used Skateboard Wood Products



You like what you see? Or is it not exactly what you´re looking for?
Just send us a message with your personal  idea´s or craving and we will find a solution that perfectly fit to you.
Within some examples for arty unique tables and other stuff we do personalised for customers.



Some create art to hang on walls, we like the fusion of furniture and art. Except the glas, this unique table is handcrafted and 100% ucycled.
The centerpart is some kind of a canvis. Underneath the glas are mosaics and parts processed from used skateboards. The frame is produced from used scaffolding planks.

While you’re venturing out into the open world on used upcycling skateboards: Would you like to have a quality, comfortable and eco-friendly way of carrying your products?

Skatan LLC – Customize – Unique & Upcycled used Skateboard Wood Products


To sell a product that is handcrafted, recycled, unique and self-developed is a mess sometimes. No doubt, our passion for what we are doing keeps us away from stopping it. Anyhow our addiction is to work with wood, use our hands and heads. To create things keeps us running and is our biggest motivation. We are producing and developing all products by ourself. That´s what people perceive when they see it. Underlining, all items are one of a kind because it´s made of used old Skateboards. The Necklaces, Surfboard key-chains, Frames and Benches never look the same. Something that would mostly end up in trash (beautiful and strong laminated layers of maple) would be gone forever. Wood with great artwork underneath and sometimes also on top would be just destroyed. Too many beautiful things can be created with trash like this.


Surfers clean up there beaches and build new surfboards out of old surfboards for a more sustainable life. For clean beaches and less trash and a environmentally lifestyle. Skateboarders started early to collect there used Skateboards as trophies and beautiful memories. Soon we started to build benches, chairs, shelves and many more Items out our collected Skateboards. Now we take it to a different level and try to develop products that keep the personality of each Skateboard and replaces a normal product with a upcycled, new and unique product.

So, in a way it´s easy to explain why we ended up recycling used skateboards. We are passioned Skateboarders since 1990, always creating our homes where we were living out of scratch ourself. We are still not really amused of average modern or commercial furniture and the way consuming works in normal life. Less is more and sustainable living was always part of my mindset…